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Flowers and Fruit with a Woman Picking Grapes (1696)
Christian Berentz (1658-1722) & Carlo Maratta (1625-1713)

Immersive Soundscapes
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Immersive Soundscapes (Alternative)
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3D Soundscape

For this painting, we have designed an immersive soundscape using some of the latest audio and AI technologies to create an imaginative sensory experience.

Objects in still life paintings often carry symbolic meanings, for example, rotten fruits signify impermanence, grapes and wine allude to pleasure and lust. Building upon this idea, we have created an additional layer of narrative by mixing some of the music heard in the exhibit in an artificially made resonance chamber with sounds drawn from the natural world.

We invite visitors to come immerse themselves within this acoustical space and create their own stories in this imagined fantasy world. In addition, we have introduced some elements of sonic surprise that will appear at random. Try to catch it if you can!

Creative Team:

Johnny Poon

Henry Li

Kris Yee

Denise Fan

Elvis Tsui

© Image by concession of the Ministry of Culture - Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte
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