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Saint Cecilia in Ecstasy (1645)
Bernardo Cavallino (1616-c. 1656)

Che si può fareBarbara Strozzi
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Che si può fare (1664)
Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677)

An affecting piece by Barbara Strozzi is chosen to celebrate the Roman patron saint of music, Saint Cecilia. Strozzi was not only a gifted singer, but she was also a highly sought-after composer. Her exceptional talents for composition were manifested in her impressive number of published secular vocal works.


Che si può fare?
Le stelle rubelle
Non hanno pietà.
Che s'el cielo non dà
Un influsso di pace al mio penare,
Che si può fare?

Che si può dire?
Da gl'astri disastri
Mi piovano ogn'hor;
Se perfido amor
Un respiro diniega al mio martire,
Che si può dire?

English translation

What can I do?
The uncompromising stars
have no pity.
If heaven has no
influence of peace to soothe my sorrows,
what can I do?

What can I say?
The heavens keep raining disasters
down on me;
If the perfidious Cupid
denies a respite to my torments,
what can I say?

Performed by:

Vivian Yau (Soprano)

© Image by concession of the Ministry of Culture - Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte
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